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User Score
70 7 10
Total Votes: 55
Release Date
10 March, 2006
7 crores
Box Office India
27 crores
Box Office Worldwide
43 crores
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Leelaram is a lottery vendor and the only literate person in the village. One of the village people wins the lottery. Leelaram visits the house of the lottery winner and finds that he is already dead due to a heart attack caused by the excessive happiness of winning a lottery. Now, Leelaram and all the other people around him want the money of lottery. Will they get any share out of the lottery money?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.73 crores
Saturday 1.88 crores
Sunday 2.29 crores
First Weekend 5.91 crores
Monday 1.58 crores
Tuesday 1.40 crores
First Week 10.26 crores
Second Week 6.44 crores
Third Week 4.61 crores
Lifetime India (net) 27 crores
Worldwide Gross 43 crores
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