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Total Votes: 53
Release Date
27 October, 2000
20 crores
Box Office India
23 crores
Box Office Worldwide
44 crores
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The movie centers around the India-Pakistan conflicts and the effect of these tensions on the lives of children. Altaf’s family got killed by the police in a violent attack when they were trying to hunt the rebel leader. Altaf is adopted by the same police officer who killed her entire family. When he grows up he comes to know about this and he wants to take revenge for his family’s murder.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.64 crores
Saturday 1.45 crores
Sunday 1.77 crores
First Weekend 4.86 crores
Monday 1.60 crores
Tuesday 1.50 crores
First Week 10.27 crores
Second Week 5.53 crores
Third Week 2.80 crores
Lifetime India (net) 23 crores
Worldwide Gross 44 crores
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