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35 3.5 10
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Release Date
1 August, 1999
9 crores
Box Office India
7 crores
Box Office Worldwide
13 crores
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Anand is a successful businessman and is all set to get married. He is shown Nisha as his prospective wife. He falls in love with her just by seeing her. Nisha, on the other hand, refuses to marry Anand, since she is in love with his younger brother Sunil. When Sunil comes to know of his brother’s supposed marriage and his love towards Nisha, he decides to back off. On learning about Sunil and Nisha’s love story, Anand persuades Sunil to get married to her. They both get married and shift to Sunil’s family. But one day, he meets with an accident and is assumed to be dead. His family now wishes Anand to marry Nisha and they get married. But destiny has something else in store for this family and Sunil returns. What will happen of this triangular love story now?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.71 crores
Saturday 0.61 crores
Sunday 0.74 crores
First Weekend 2.07 crores
Monday 0.52 crores
Tuesday 0.45 crores
First Week 3.68 crores
Second Week 1.72 crores
Third Week 0.65 crores
Lifetime India (net) 7 crores
Worldwide Gross 13 crores
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