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61 6.1 10
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Release Date
20 September, 2002
10 crores
Box Office India
9 crores
Box Office Worldwide
21 crores
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Nandini and Shekhar are happily settled in US with their son. 3 years later, they hear about a massacre in a village in India. Shekhar insists on going there since he fears his family might have been hurt in the process. Nandini is shocked to know that Shekhar has a family but she goes along with him to India. There she discovers about an ongoing war between his family and one other family which soon results in the murder of Shekhar. Heartbroken, she insists on going back to US. But since her father-in-law is now very attached to his grandson, he does not allow him to leave. She tries fighting him continuously, but to no avail. Will she ever be able to go back?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.98 crores
Saturday 0.89 crores
Sunday 0.95 crores
First Weekend 2.82 crores
First Week 4.62 crores
Second Week 1.88 crores
Third Week 0.78 crores
Lifetime India (net) 9 crores
Worldwide Gross 21 crores
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