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81 8.1 10
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Release Date
21 December, 2007
18 crores
Box Office India
62 crores
Box Office Worldwide
88 crores
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Eight-year-old Ishaan is a gifted painter. But to his parents, he’s just a troubled child failing every class. Despairing, they send him to a boarding school, where a new art teacher, Nikumbh suspects that Ishaan might be dyslexic. Now, Nikumbh is the last hope to bring Ishaan’s genius out of its shell.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 2.6 crores
Saturday 3.83 crores
Sunday 3.22 crores
First Weekend 9.65 crores
First Week 16.57 crores
Second Week 13.5 crores
Third Week 9.41 crores
Lifetime India (net) 62 crores
Worldwide Gross 88 crores
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