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60 6 10
Total Votes: 27
Release Date
7 January, 2005
8 crores
Box Office India
6 crores
Box Office Worldwide
10 crores
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Rahul and Pooja are a happily married couple. In an unfortunate accident, rahul loses his eyesight. On a business trip abroad, he comes across Karan, and is immediately impressed by him due to his sharp acumen for business. He offers him to join his business. What Rahul is unaware of is, that Karan is an obsessive lover of Pooja and can go to any extent to get her. With sudden turn of events, pooja is murdered. Now begins a cat and mouse chase where each is trying to accuse the other. Who will win this race?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.95 crores
Saturday 0.81 crores
Sunday 0.86 crores
First Weekend 2.62 crores
First Week 3.85 crores
Second Week 0.89 crores
Third Week 0.39 crores
Lifetime India (net) 6 crores
Worldwide Gross 10 crores
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