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82 8.2 10
Total Votes: 46
Release Date
15 October, 1999
8 crores
Box Office India
12 crores
Box Office Worldwide
21 crores
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Raghu is earning a decent living by running a food stall. Until one day, when he and his friends get into a fight with gangster’s brother and accidentally kill him. Bandya, the gangster, is now determined to kill Raghu. But he is saved by Vitthal, the rival of Bandya. Raghu joins Vitthal’s gang and ultimately rises in the underworld. After killing all the members of Bandya’s gang, Raghu becomes one of the biggest gangsters of the underworld. Soon the Home Minister takes Raghu in his political shelter in return of using him to do his dirty work. Later on, he orders Police to kill Raghu when Home Minister’s involvement in crimes started making headlines.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.73 crores
Saturday 0.65 crores
Sunday 0.80 crores
First Weekend 2.18 crores
Monday 0.55 crores
Tuesday 0.49 crores
First Week 3.94 crores
Second Week 2.18 crores
Third Week 1.38 crores
Lifetime India (net) 12 crores
Worldwide Gross 21 crores
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