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36 3.6 10
Total Votes: 23
Release Date
1 November, 2002
5 crores
Box Office India
2 crores
Box Office Worldwide
4 crores
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Kishan Oberoi is a wealthy businessman and only trusts his grandson Raj. But Raj loses his mental ability in an accident. Taking its advantage, his other 2 sons conspire to kill their father and disinherit Raj by declaring him mentally unstable. Kishan falls from the building and dies. Meanwhile Raj goes missing. A look alike of Raj along with his girlfriend enters the house posing as Raj and his nurse. They plan to inherit all the wealth by exposing the 2 brothers. But they are not who they seem to be. What is their original identity and where is Raj?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.25 crores
Saturday 0.22 crores
Sunday 0.24 crores
First Weekend 0.71 crores
First Week 1.1 crores
Second Week 0.39 crores
Third Week 0.14 crores
Lifetime India (net) 2 crores
Worldwide Gross 4 crores
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