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45 4.5 10
Total Votes: 46
Release Date
13 February, 1998
10 crores
Box Office India
11 crores
Box Office Worldwide
19 crores
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Arjun Singh is a Journalist who lives a wealthy lifestyle in Mumbai with his widowed father DIG Uday Singh, his paternal grandmother, and his sister Sarita. During Sarita’s marriage, police arrest his father on account of harboring a terrorist named Iqbal Singh, who has killed 827 innocent people. Now Arjun Singh seeks justice for his jailed police father.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.98 crores
Saturday 0.58 crores
Sunday 0.71 crores
First Weekend 2.77 crores
Monday 0.65 crores
Tuesday 0.60 crores
First Week 4.85 crores
Second Week 2.57 crores
Third Week 1.12 crores
Lifetime India (net) 11 crores
Worldwide Gross 19 crores
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