Rajkummar Rao starrer Newton released this Friday. The film is released along with other releases in competition with it. So, here are the reviews it has received from all the leading critics of the Bollywood.

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A leading Bollywood critic, Rajeev Masand, writes the film is relevant and timely without being boring and inaccessible. The film comes to its message quickly in the end and its pace slips sometimes but these things do not affect the overall performance of the film. It is one of the best films of this year and one should take time out of their busy schedule to watch it.

According to Neil from Times of India, the film is well written, brilliantly acted and it is not only a humorous but also a poignant film. It dared to raise an issue that our majority turns a blind eye to.

Raja Sen from NDTV says the film has kept its pace slow in order to give a chance to focus on its content. The film is brilliantly written with its interesting dialogues and the acting of the actors is simply superb.

Shubhra from India Express says that it is a rare film which uses dark comedy to make its points. One can laugh at its grimmest point because it is light on its feet and the tone of the film is consistent throughout. 

Shreehari from Rediff writes the film’s main message is that it takes time to improve something as one needs to go through the complexities associated with that particular task.

According to Rohit from Hindustan times, the performance of the team Newton is top – notch. The story is a perfect political satire and raises a question on the importance of the electoral system we are so proud of.

The film has received good reviews from all the leading critics and so one must find some spare time to watch Newton.

First Published on: 13:15 pm - 23, Sep 2017
Author: author image Piyush Chugh
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