Famous Baahubali actor Prabhas said that he would happily dedicate seven and not just four years of his life for SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali franchise without giving a second thought.

He has spent more than four years on Baahubali and was willing to commit seven years for Rajamouli’s project. Prabhas was at the audio launch of Tamil version of Baahubali: Conclusion 2.

Versatile actor, Prabhas plays the role of King Baahubali and his son Shivudu, in both the movies. He has spent nearly five years on the project.

Prabhas says, enacting the action sequences in the first part was physically exhausting. Rajamouli edited the action scenes in such a manner that the entire process was eased in the second part of Baahubali. Not forgetting his fans, Prabhas said he was thankful that they waited three long years for his movie sequel and he loved them for that.

While Prabhas showed dedication to Rajamouli and his project, Director Rajamouli said he wouldn’t have got an actor more devoted than Prabhas.

Actors can hardly spend three years on a certain character, Rajamouli says  Prabhas and he became quite close when they worked in the movie Chatrapathi for the first time.


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