Raabta Movie Release this Friday and has scored very poor ratings from all the top critics. The film has also been mostly rejected by the audience and stands very little chance at the box office.

Leading Movie Reviewer Taran Adarsh, calls Everything about Raabta Terrible from Acting, Direction to its Writing.

Raja Sen of NDTV sees the hopelessness in the movie. And says that Not even Deepika Padukone could save the film. Dinesh Vijayan’s Raabta is a Big Let Down.

Nihit from Times of India calls the movie way too obvious. Most of it is predictable with no Thriller element whatsoever. He even finds some resemblance in the movie with Game of Thrones, which absolutely doesn’t work in the favor of Raabta.

All this tells us that we can not have any hopes from this movie and should be watched only at our own risks, or if we have absolutely nothing else to watch.

If you haven’t seen it already, BOTY would recommend that you go and Watch the Hollywood Flick, Wonder Woman this weekend.


First Published on: 15:30 pm - 12, Jun 2017
Author: author image Rohit Tripathi
Rohit is the Founder of BOTY. He loves reporting latest box office collection of various movies.
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