Today, the much – awaited film Simran has released at the box office. The film stars a talented actress Kangana Ranaut in the lead role. The excitement for Kangana’s films is very high after the success the actress has got in the previous few films. Let’s have a look at the reviews about the film Simran from all the leading critics of Bollywood.

Movie Review

According to Meena of Times Of India, The films at first does not seem suitable for much emotional investment but when you watch the film, then you will experience the film has got everything we want. It’s a wonderful film to watch.

Raja Sen from NDTV says Kangana Ranaut and few interesting lines from the film make it watchable until the third act where the script sadistically starts piling misfortune on the characters. She says, the last half hour of the film is cringe-worthy pacing and feels more mean spirited than rest of the film for no good reason.

According to Mohar Basu from Mid-Day, the first half of the film casts a spell as it shows her misadventures with Praful. In the second half, Mehta falls for usual traps. The most refreshing thing in the film is to find a smile in the hard times. Also, the simple look of Kangana Ranaut is very adorable.

First Published on: 11:35 am - 15, Sep 2017
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