Today, the much-awaited film of Kangana Ranaut has released at the box office. Yes, we are talking about the film Simran, which created a lot of buzz because of its songs and trailer. Seeing the stardom of Kangana Ranaut, it is expected to sail in smooth fashion at the box office. Let’s have a look at the reviews it has received from all the leading critics.

Movie Review

According to Meena Iyer from TOI, the film is a good one to watch. Kangana has played her role very well and the film has got everything that the audience wants from any Bollywood movie. The film touches a person emotionally and gives the audience a deep sense of warmth. 

Raja Sen from NDTV says the presence of Kangana Ranaut and the few interesting lines make the film watchable. The film also shows the dramatic tension and the last hour has the cringe-worthy pacing and feels more mean-spirited than the rest of the film for no good reason. 

Mohar Basu from Mid Day says the first half of the film casts a spell as it shows her misadventures with Praful. The second half of the film, Mehta falls for usual traps. The most refreshing thing in the film is to find a smile in the times of hardships. Kangana played her role very well.