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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Before we explain the lyrics and meaning of Laembadgini song by Diljit Dosanjh, let's understand the theme of the song. In this Punjabi video song, the complaints of a woman for her husband is highlighted. She thinks that her husband is attached to his female friends. However, in reality, this is not the case and he is trying just to tease his wife to show his love for her. So here is Laembadgini Song's Lyrics Meaning:

Laembadgini te kithe launda fire gediyan
Jarian ni jandian friendan methon teriyan

You keep on roaming around in Lamborghini
And I just can't bear your female friends anymore

Ve botta botta pinjeya peya
Haye pinjeya janda ae jiven rooh

Every part of my body is torn apart
It has been torn apart just like cotton

Ve dil tera kala mundeya
Bhaven chan ton sunakha tera muh

O boy, Your heart is black
Although your face is beautiful than the moon

Lakh gaun waleya tu hoya mashoor ve
Kar bethi pyar tenu ehhi aa kasoor ve

You have become a famous by singing many songs
My only mistake it I had fallen in love with you

Tu fullan jehe dil tod da
Wafadaar ni patandara tu

You break delicate hearts like flowers
You're not loyal

Ve sadda channa dil tod ke
Kithe la layi aa mohabbatan pakkiyan

After breaking my heart,
Whom have you attach your heart with?

Fire sir te bithayi sadi jutti diyan nokan nu
Pyar da dikhauna ae tu tamasha katon lokan nu

You are trying to win me over for every little thing
Why do you pretend to be caring in front of people, when you don’t love me

Je pehle pata hunda Veet ve
Pind Kokeyan di bandi na nooh

Had I known about your reality earlier
I would have not become bride of Konkeya Village by marrying you

Fun Facts

  • On its release, Laembadgini song received a huge response from the listeners and was viewed by over 3 million in just 2 days on youtube.
  • The concept of the song received a positive response from all over the world.

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