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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Laung Laachi song is all about the feelings of a woman for his beloved. All the expectations of the women from his love are described in the song. Here is the meaning of the lyrics of the song:

Ve tu laung, ve main laachi Tere pishe aa gawachi,

Oh my beloved, you are clove and I am cardamom And I’m missing after you

Tere ishqe ne maari Kudi kach di kuwari,
Your love has driven this lovely single girl crazy

Ve main chambe de pahadaan wali Sham ve mundeya,
Sandli-sandli naina wich tera naam ve mundeya

I am like an evening of Chamba’s beautiful mountains
Oh boy, there is your name in my beautiful light yellow eyes

Ho mere sunne-sunne pair
Oh my feet are so empty

Tu ta jana rehna shehar
And you visit city time and again

Bauta mangdi na thoda
I don’t ask for much

Laide jhanjra da joda.
just buy me a pair of anklets

Jeda vikda bazaran vich aam ve mundeya.
The one which is commonly available in markets.

Rukhe vaalan de ve challe
There are curls in my dry hair
Tere bina asi kalle
And without you I am so alone

Paa lai bahwan wich bahwan Dhupan ban jaan shaawan
Put your arms in my arms and And this shining Light of sun would become shade
Tainu likheya hawavan te paigam ve mundeya.
Oh my love, I have written my messages on the winds

Fun Facts

  • This is a title track of the movie "Laung Laachi".
  • Singer Mannat Noor rose to fame after this song.
  • After few days of its release, many people uploaded their dance videos on youtube. This is only due to the immense popularity of the song, especially among the girls.

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