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Na Ja (Remix)
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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Before we explain Na Ja lyrics meaning and explanation, let's throw some light on the context in which this song is written. Pav Dharia likes a girl, who belongs to the higher level of society and he explains his feelings for her in this song. He proposes to the beautiful girl but she refuses to accept his offer. In the rest of the song, he asks her to accept his offer otherwise her life will be similar to that of a household girl. Here is Na Ja lyrics meaning and explanation:

Ni kudiye tu alright
Aaja ni re I won’t bite
Lage tu mainu sexy
Tahin main jaaga all night

Girl, you are amazing
Come to me, I won't Bite you
I find you sexy
Which is why I stay up at night (thinking about you)

Karave ni tu murder
Oh bhaven hove daylight
Jhakaas teri body
I fell in love at first sight

You get people killed with your beauty
It doesn't matter whether it is broad daylight
You have sizzling body
I fell in love at first sight

Kunwariya ton sohni ae te main vi aa kunwara
Chadh di jawani hunn lutt le nazara
Je na mainu karti ni puchna dobara
Fer rotiyan pakayi naale mere gaane gayi

You are one beautiful single lady and I am also single
Youth is at its full swing, enjoy yourself
If you said no to me once, I won't ask again
Then you can cook food and sing my songs (after being married to someone else)

Na ja, na ja.. na ja mitran ton door
Ambran ton aayi tu lagdi ae hoor
Att tera nakhra tera ki kasoor
Mainu vi pasand tu kardi zaroor 

Don't go away from me
You look like an angel from the skies
Your attitude is killer, it isn't your fault
I know that you too have feelings for me

Sohni badi lagdi ae
Jad kurti Paavein kale rang di
Thoda jeha mere nede aa kar
Utte ae lagda nazre sab di

You look very beautiful
when you wear the black kurti
Come near me a little
I see that everyone is looking at you

Lakh tera hil da ae
Jeve paani de vich hil di supni
Tu ajj mainu roki na
Tere kolon haan kara ke chadh ni

You waist moves like
a snake moves in water
Don't stop me today
I am going to make you say yes

Girl you look so good
Teri aa nigahwan mainu maar sutteya ae
When you walk my way
Teri aa adawaan mera dil luteya ae
When shake them heels
Tere piche ladke main chadh de saare
Make me crazy..

Girl you look so good
your eyes have me killed
when you walk my way
Your swag has won my heart over
When shake them heels
I fought with everyone and break my all relations for you
Make me crazy

Fun Facts

  • The song released at the beginning of 2017 received a positive response from the audience and crossed over 90 million views on youtube.
  • Due to the immense popularity of the song, many of its versions released and became popular.

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