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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

This is a love song of a person for his beloved girl. In this song, the lover describes his craze for the love of his girl. Here is the meaning of the lyrics of the song Rukh:

Tu rukh jehi jaapdi
Main taani wangu naal rahaan
Tu sukh jehi jaapdi
Ki apna main haal kahaan,

You seem like a tree to me
And I live with you like a twig of it
You seem like a comfort
How could I describe the way I feel ?

Akhan ch tu ik meri lakhan ch
Na rakh mainu kakhan ch Aja tu meri gali,

In my eyes you’re the only one I see in hundred of thousands of people
Don’t place me in straws Come to my way.

Rab tainu manneya ae
Tere layi paak main haan
Tere layi haan jeyonda main
Tere layi khaak main haan.

I have considered you as my God
And I’m holy for you
I’m living for you
I’m ash for you.

Mili na je tu mainu
Taan main mar jana
ae Jitde hoye vi sab kujh
Main taan har jana ae,

If I don’t get you
It’s obvious that I will die
Even winning everything
Still I feel like loosing without you

Ki dassan tainu main
Kina main chaunda haan
Tere layi bas tere layi
Tere layi jeyonda haan.

What to tell you
How much I love you
For you only for you
I live only for you.

Tu howein na khafa metho
Khush rakhan tainu pyar karaan
Har gal wich haan hove
Na tainu inkaar karaan.

Wish you never be angry with me
Will Always make you happy and love you
Everything I will agree with you
Will never say NO to you.

Tere naal duniya meri
Tuhi mera rabb ae Tere
naal saah chalde ne
Tuhi mera sab ae,

My whole world is with you
You’re my God
And I breath only because of you
You’re my everything.

Tere bagair taan yara
Mitti ho hova main
Marjawa osay thaan te
Je tainu khowa main.

If you're not with me
Then I'm just like dust
I wanna die at the same place
Where I lose you

Dil kadd mera vekh la
Ohde utte tera naam hi aa
Tere nal wajood mera
Unjh main ta aam hi aan

Take out my heart and see
It’s is branded with your name
My existence is with you
Without it I’m a so common.

Fun Facts

  • This song increased the popularity of Akhil and after its success, the singer got the opportunity to work with many popular music directors.
  • After its release, the song crossed over 25 million views in a few days.

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