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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

This song is Parmish Verma's another super hit single. So before we go into Shada's lyrics meaning and explanation, let's know a bit of the song's background. The hero in this song is Single, i.e., he does not have any girlfriend or wife. And he is very happy about this fact. So all throughout this song, he is expressing his happiness of being single. Now let's look at Shada's lyrics meaning.

Taur naal shada munda,
Taur naal shada.

The dude is proudly single,
Proudly Single.

Ho shadey rehke dekho,
Bhai nazar aunda bada.

By staying single, see
He is seen more often.

Taur naal shada rehnda,
Taur naal shada.

The dude stays proudly single,
Proudly Single.

Unjh tan smileaan deke langan batheriaan,
Saathon nahiyo lagdiaan faltu ch gediaan.
Saathon nahiyo gal hundi sari raat jaag bhai,
Bina gallon hunda nahiyo time kharaab bhai.
Ho golgappe-kulche khawau kehda khada?

Although lot of women give smiles while passing by,
We can't handle the unnecessary car drives.
We can't talk while staying awake whole night,
Without any purpose, we can't spoil our time.
Who will take them to eat Gol Gappe and Kulche?

Ho yaaran naal sari raat chaldi ae party,
Fikar ni karo koi maar duga haak bhai.
Duje din uthi da ae marzi de nal bhai,
Chah pani roti tukk kari da ae aap bhai.
Ho chulhe vichon dhuan udde ban ban kadha...

With the friends there is whole night party,
Don't worry someone will give you a call.
We wake up 2nd day by our own wish,
Water, Tea or Food, we arrange by ourselves,
The smoke rises from the stove after making men's Kada.

Ese lai begani dhee aapan koi vihayi ni,
Vyah karwake gal tension jehi pai ni.
Aa lede, oh lede nahi koi aakh di,
Kithe laawan padhan na tension jawak di.
Ho katti di ae taash naal vehla hunda thada.

Because of this, we didn't get married to somebody's daughter,
After getting married, we didn't take unnecessary tension.
Get this, get that, nobody speaks this,
There is no tension about my child's admission.
We pass our time by playing cards on some platform.

Studio ch aya Paru gana ae banaun nu
Jhatt hi milaya phone Sarbe Maan nu
Oh vi kehnda hune aya Parmishe veere
Goldy te Satta pakke yaar mere heere
Ho camera taiyar kari Bhullar ae khada

Paru came to the studio to make this song,
Immediately we dialed Sarba Maan.
He also said "I am just coming Parmish Brother",
Goldy and Satta are my best friends like Diamonds.
Bhullar is standing keeping the camera ready.

Fun Facts

  • This is Parmish Verma's 6th song.
  • In this song, he gives credit to each and every person of his team.

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