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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

The context of this song is very romantic. Hardy Sandhu takes care of his sick wife with all his love. He has expressed his feelings through this song, Soch. Now, lets move forward to Soch lyrics meaning & translation.

Main Pyaar Ton Vadh Tainu Pyaar Karaan
Tainu Sajjda Sohne Lakh Waar Karaan

I love you more than love
Will bow in front of you a lakh times

Je Din Nu Keh Dein Tu Raat Maahi
Ve Main Raat Samajh Aitbaar Karaan

If you call day as night, my love
I will trust you believing that it’s night

Main Tere Layi Duniya Nu Chhadeya
Tere Layi Door Apne Kare

For you, i’ve left the whole world
I’ve distant myself from my loved ones

Ve Main Tainu Kinna Chahuni Aa
Eh Gall Teri Soch Ton Pareh

How much i love you
Is beyond your thoughts

Main Saah Tere Naal Ha
Tere Bina Pal Vi Na Sarey

Every breath of mine is with you
Without you, i can’t even imagine a moment

Akhiyan Ch Har Wele Tera Mukh Ve
Takk Tainu Tuttde Ne Saare Dukh Ve

Your face is in my eyes every time
All my sorrows escape after seeing you

Deed Teri Ta Eh Nazara
Pyaas Lagge Te Na Lagge Bhukh Ve

After seeing you
Neither hunger hunts me nor thirst

Tere Bina Aaunn Na Supney
Supney Vi Jhidak Ke Main Dharey

Since no dreams come without you
I've dismissed my dreams as well

Ve Tere Bina Raahan Mere Yaara
Manzilan Nu Jaan Ton Ne Darey

None of my way is without you my love
I scare reaching any destination without you

Zindagi De Ditte Tainu Saare Ha Oye
Gairan Vall Takeya Na Akh Chakk Oye

I’ve given you all the rights of my life
Don’t look at me like a stranger

Kach Utte Vi Nach Jawangi
Wafaa Meri Te Na Karin Shaq Oye

I can dance even on glass
Don’t doubt on my loyalty

ZIk Tainu Paun De Karke
Na Ginnati Main Kinne Zakhm Zarey

Just to win you
I’ve gone through countless injuries

Tere Layi Jo Jazbaat Jaani
Oh Sone Chandi Ton Vi Kharey

My feelings for you
Is more pure than gold & silver

Fun Facts

  • This was one of the most popular songs of 2014.
  • Later, this song was recreated by Arijit Singh in the film, Airlift.

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