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Zindabaad Yaarian
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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Ammy Virk's Zindabaad Yaarian Song was quite popular when it released and is still one of the most happening pro-friendship songs. Zindabaad Yaarian Lyrics Meaning is surely difficult to understand, especially because Ammy Virk has a rural Punjabi accent which not everyone can understand. Lets understand the meaning of the lyrics of this song and its translation:

Ho dil sheeshe jehe saaf ne
Bhaave shakalan de pakke aan
Sathon suru hon baajiyaan
Asi hukma de ikke aan

Our hearts are clean like a mirror,
even if our faces are dark
The Game starts with us,
As we are the Ace of Spades

Sanu ohna jinna na jaani baliye
Thuk ke jo lainde chat ni

Dont compare us to people who,
who are not true to their words.

Oye zindabaad rehn billo yaarian
Jinna karke jeyonda jatt ni

Long live Friendship(s),
because of which this Jatt is living is life.

Ho much khadi sadda rakhi ae
Ho taiyo kehnde sardar ne
Ho jehde bhambad kahaunde si
Ditte pehliya ch thar ni
Ho mere naal utarde ne balliye
Ho sada naal utarde ne balliye
Kiven lang ju koi kuri vatt ni

We always keep our moustache pointing up,
That's why people call us Sardar (Proudly).
People who used to think of them as hot lava (or careless, hooligans),
we have shut and cooled them up a long ago.

Ho ni te najayaz assi boliye
Najayaz gal sehnde ni
Ho saanu gudti tufaan di
Haneriyan ton dehnde ni
Horan wangu taniyan ni shang de
Horan wangu taniyan ni shang de
Sidha jad ton hi daiye patt ni

Neither we speak ill stuff,
Nor we tolerate it.
We have been brought up among storms,
So we are not afraid of strong winds.
We don't trim the branches (of a tree)
We directly pull it out from the roots. (solving a problem)

Ho gehra yaar jihnu keh diye
Ohnu pher azmaunde nai
Ho akhan tere nal ladiyan
Jani khani nal launde nai

If we once make someone our best friend,
We don't doubt or test him ever.
I feel for you with our first eye-contact,
This doesn't happen with every other girl.

Ho jadon rooh hi tere na kardi
Jadon rooh hi tere na kardi
Ho kaah ton cheer ke khavaye patt ni

I have dedicated my heart and soul to you,
There is no need to prove anything else.

Fun Facts

  • After Yaar Anmulle, this song became the Friendship Anthem for many Friend Groups.
  • Even Honey Singh Quoted Zindabaad Yaarian on Friendship Day.
  • This song despite being immensly popular, is not the most popular song of Amy Virk. But it still managed to cross 10 Million YouTube views in a very short time.

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