Cartoons are what introduced ever person to the world of films and TV. We have all grown up watching Cartoon Movies in Hindi. Usually, they are synonymous with younger children. But the desire to watch them do not go even when you grow old. The film industry recognized this wish of every adult. And soon, we started seeing some of the best animated movies that were made for all age groups.

Are Animated Movies made out of Famous Bed Time Stories?

While everyone is familiar with Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and many more. These movies are not all. Other than the popular Disney characters, many other cartoon movies have also found existence in the film industry. And NO!, these movies are not the Bollywood or Hollywood version of famous cartoon stories. There are some actual movies also that are based on the pure imagination of the directors.

Some people live in the assumption that cartoon movie means the bedtime stories. But here, we will show you some non-stories as well, which can be viewed by children and adults both. And they have actually proved to be some amazing hits.

Hollywood or Bollywood?

Hollywood is extremely famous for making wonderful cartoon films. Some of them even make a huge collection at the box office, beating many non-animated movies. But not only Hollywood, Bollywood has also started making some marvelous Cartoon movies in Hindi. Even though they have not yet started to become popular. Yet they are gaining immense popularity among children and adults.

So when we talk about who makes the best cartoon movies, the winner would undoubtedly be Hollywood. Over the period of time, they have given us some amazing movies like Up, Coco, Zootopia, Despicable Me, Toy Story and many more. So there is right now, no competition at all. But it would be interesting to see Bollywood also move into the genre of animation more often.

List of Best English and Hindi Animated Movies

The characters in these movies are extremely funny, with an even funnier get-up and having some cool superpowers. Although these are too good to be true, yet their cuteness wins the hearts of people and make them some of the best cartoon movies to watch. And so, BOTY brings you a huge collection of some old and new, but best Hindi animated movies of all time. If you cannot find some good movie to watch, you can always check out some of the best English animated movies in Hindi, that are dubbed for you.

Bollywood Movies:

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