We hear about a lot many love affairs of Bollywood actors in their real life. There are many famous love affairs that you know happened between two stars and also many relationships that have become successful in the real life. But we are quite sure that you will be completely surprised to know about the s love affair of these actors. This one is special because it carries an element of common interest of two actors in their college life. And It’s more of an Aditya Roy Kapoor Love Affair rather than Ranveer Singh.

aditya roy kapoor love affair
Ranveer Singh with Deepika Padukone

We are going to tell you about the common love interest of Aditya Roy Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. You will be surprised to know that these two actors studied in the same college. They also loved the same girl in their love life during their college times.

Yes, before these two heartthrobs entered Bollywood, they were reportedly associated with a Deol, daughter of superstars, Dharmendra and Hema Malini. Ranveer Singh and Ahaana are believed to have dated each other during their college days for a short while.

According to Ranveer, he was crazy for Ahaana during college times for 4-5 years. But Aditya Roy Kapoor was also in the same college and he was the fantasy of every girl in the junior college. Aditya has always been a hotty and was quite popular with the ladies. So, Ahaana broke up with Ranveer and entered into a new relationship with Aditya. The love affair of Aditya Roy Kapoor and Ranveer Singh with Ahanna is a hidden secret since many years and not disclosed in public.

On the other hand, Ahaana and Aditya had a good love life during college times and were together for around four years. However, neither of them ever talked about their relationship in public. Later, Ahaana married a Delhi-based businessman, Vaibhav Vohra, in 2014.

But for Ranveer Singh, life planned some special in the form of Deepika Padukone and now both these couples are in the list of most dashing couples of Bollywood industry.