The True story of personality transformation. Cheeky plutocrat, Ranjit Katyal finds his humane side overtaking his selfishness in a time of extreme distress when Iraq waged war on Kuwait in 1990. The Character is portrayed by the Khiladi of Bollywood Akshay Kumar. He is supported in this act by the very talented Nimrat Kaur, playing the lead character’s wife.

The eventful storyline paired with exceptional performances gave bollywood the first 100 Crore film for the year 2016. This is Akshay’s fourth title in the 100 crore club list after Housefull 2 (Rs.106.4 Cr) , Holiday (Rs.113 Cr) and Rowdy Rathore (Rs.133.6 Cr).

Airlift took the theaters by storm in its first week, the opening weekend was followed by two days of slight descent. It hit the charts rock hard on its first wednesday, which was a public holiday, grossing its highest in a day, a whopping Rs.17.3 Crore. Banking almost Rs.80 Cr in its first week, Director Raja Menon’s spectacle saw only more glory as it slowly started descending in its second week. Airlift reached the 100 Crore milestone in its second week, bagging a little less than Rs.29 Cr. From there onwards, each week it has been sluggishly declining in collections.

Lets take a look at the scores for the seven weeks

Week One : Rs. 79,69,00,000

Week Two : Rs. 28,98,00,000

Week Three : Rs. 11,43,00,000

Week Four : Rs. 2,67,00,000

Week Five : Rs. 1,03,00,000

Week Six : Rs. 29,00,000

Week Seven : Rs. 7,00,000 (5 days)


TOTAL : Rs. 1,23,87,00,000

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