This week, Natural Star Nani’s first home production, ‘Awe’ has released. This movie is also the debut movie of the director Prasanth Varma. This is a women-centric film featuring 9 different characters. The story is told from the viewpoints of a fish and a bonsai tree. Nani has lent his voice to the humanitarian fish. Whereas Ravi Teja is speaking for the tree.

Nature of the Movie

Awe touches some really special underlying social causes. Definitely, they needed to be addressed. And the director did an apt job by showcasing them in such a unique way. 1st half of the movie picked up to a great enjoyment. Kajal’s role was intense. This might have been the most difficult role in her film history so far. Nani’s voiceover for fish was highly interesting.

The tree makes its entry in the 2nd half of the movie. And as expected, he increases the energy of the film multifold. The regular voiceovers of fish and the tree keep the movie entertaining throughout. Moreover, there are continuous twists and turns in the story that will keep you engaged and glued to the screen all the time. The director has done an amazing job as a first timer to keep the movie interesting.

The climax of the movie is also superb and stunning. Last few minutes of this movie truly justified its title “AWE”. But according to some people, it was a bit complex to understand. But other than this, the complete movie was a great entertainer and a definite watch. The punch lines were awesome and the movie had some really stunning special effects.

Performances of Actors

All the actors have given amazing performances. They played characters which they haven’t played so far. And we believe they won’t even get to play such kind of roles again in near future. The best parts of the movie were the fish and tree’s voiceovers. They were the highlights of the movie. Well, that is definitely expected from Nani and Ravi Teja.

This movie is mostly a comedy genre movie, but its comedy is different from regular comedies. The movie is also full of romance, thriller, science-fiction, and suspense. It is one of its kind, something made out of the box. Since this is not a generic commercial film, its success totally depends on Word of Mouth.

Overall, BOTY would give this movie ratings of 3.5/5.

First Published on: 13:10 pm - 16, Feb 2018
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