Akshay Kumar may surely be the fit and Handsome hunk of Bollywood now. But was he always like this? The pictures we are going to share today tell a completely different story. We have collected these photos from his old movies which are not easily available anymore.

Let’s take a look at some of the Funniest Akshay Kumar Photos we could find on the internet.

akshay kumar funny 1 fat
Akshay Kumar with Prosthetic Make up on!


akshay kumar funny movie
A Scene from Action Replayy

Some Pics from the older days

We showed you 2 of the latest pics. But that’s not all. We’ve saved the best for the last. Check out all the unbelievable and super funny pics from the 90s.



akshay kumar funny photoshoot





We hope you had a good laugh while you browsed through these pics. Did you think we missed some of the even funnier images, do share it with us on our Official Twitter account.

And in case you forgot what this Handsome actor looks like now, here is it:

akshay kumar latest photo
Akshay Kumar in his Movie – Brothers

First Published on: 14:09 pm - 16, Jan 2018
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