Release Details Not a Holiday Release
Released on Friday
Not a Holiday Release
Released on Friday
First Day26.6529.78
First 3 Days/Weekend95.19106.95
First Week182.90197
Second Weekend53.9273
Second Week95.63114.61
Third Week42.1N/A
Domestic Total340370
WorldWide Gross Total7542001
All Figures in crore rupees

There is no apt comparison than PK vs Dangal. Both movies released under the same kind of scenario. While Dangal released on the Christmas Weekend itself, PK Released 1 week before Christmas. Even the Genre and Target Audience for both the movies is same. PK did create a little controversy, which may have indirectly helped the film but not much.

Also, Dangal marks the return of Aamir Khan as an Actor, 2 years after PK was released. This long gap in between consecutive movies naturally boosts the hype and helps the movie in taking a better opening than otherwise.

While PK became the first film ever to net Rs. 300 crores plus in India, Dangal’s target is to break that record and go beyond 350. But that seems difficult as achieving 300 is still a difficult task. But releasing movies during Christmas has the added advantage of multiple holiday weekends which does boost the collections in 2nd and 3rd weeks, making difficult figures easier to achieve.

Interesting Fact: An almost similar movie released a few months before both PK and Dangal. For Dangal, its Obviously Sultan a movie also based on Wrestling. For PK, it was OMG: Oh My God which was also based on how some ‘dhongi babas’ fool people in name of religion


And the Winner of this Box Office Battle is: No-one!

Result Analysis:

Dangal is still running in the theaters and it would slow down after the release of OK Jaanu and will be halted when Raees and Kaabil release on 25th Jan. After that, there should be a clear winner.

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