The much awaited sequel to Gangaajal (2003) fails to inspire the audience in the same manner as its predecessor. Director Prakash Jha, who is well known for his work in political drama genre, debut’s as an almost lead actor in this Priyanka Chopra starring cast.

PC’s undisputed talent as a versatile actor shines throughout the film, she steps into the shoes of SP Abha Mathur, a shrewd, sarcastic yet considerate police officer, discovering new threats both in and out of her dapartment and coping with them through out the film. Jai Gangaajal’s major flaw comes from the acting debutant, Director Prakash jha’s character as its transformation almost overwhelms everything else and becomes the gist of the film. The audience perhaps did not take that too well.

Jai Gangaajal started of below average and slowly rose each day at its opening weekend, managing a net collection of a little over 15 crore. However, the movie is expected to do better in the coming week. These are the opening weekend’s scores.

Friday : Rs.5,50,00,000

Saturday : Rs.6,25,00,000

Sunday : Rs.5,95,00,000

Total Collections : Rs.17,70,00,000


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