There has always been a deep connection between Karan Johar’s family and music. The love for music comes from his mother and most of the films that Karan has made carry music inspired by his mother. Karan loved to listen to music even as a kid. Besides melodious artists such as Lataji, Asha Bhosle and Kishore she was also a fan of the legendary Elvis Presley.

Music has always been in their blood and when Karan made a nursery for his twin kids he made sure the room always had music playing in it. Many told him to play the regular nursery rhymes but he didn’t want that for the kids. Karan says he wants his kids to learn and grow with music just like he did. They are his kids and have to love music that he loves because they have to love him, he added.

Karan says the parents should encourage their kids to listen instead to just watching. The younger generation just watches these days, they have stopped listening. There is much to absorb in the children listen to sounds of life rather than just watch, he added.

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