Karthavyam has released today at Telugu Box Office. It is the Telugu dubbed version of Nayanthara’s 2017 super hit, Aramm. It is a women-centric Tamil movie, directed by Gopi Nainar. Nayanthara is one of the leading actresses of South India. And this movie was one of the successful films of her career. Other than this, Nayanthara is working on 1 more female-oriented Tamil movie, Kolamavu Kokila, which is scheduled to release around May this year.

In the original version, Aramm collected around 14 Crores India gross. And female-centric movies in Kollywood are less popular than the other movies. But Tollywood is a popular industry for such movies. So, with this Telugu dubbed version and Nayanthara’s popularity, the movie is expected to perform great in Telugu states as well. Now let’s discuss some of the plus and negative points of the movie.


There is no second thought to the fact that Nayanthara is one of the brilliant actresses of Kollywood. She has delivered numerous successes on her front, some solo while some with the popular actors and directors. And in this movie as well, she has proven her mettle yet again. This female-centric role is something out of her comfort zone. And excelling in such an area is tremendous.


This is the debut movie of the director Gopi Nainar. So there might be few glitches here and there, but overall his direction is nice. Although the story takes around half an hour to set in motion, rest of the movie keeps everything interesting. He has presented a real-life incident in a very to the point manner. No exaggeration of emotions, no unwanted masala, overall the direction of Gopi is superb. The second half of the movie becomes even more exciting with power punches of Nayanthara. Finally, people get to see some solid action in the 2nd part.


Some of the songs are completely unnecessary in the movie. But the background score is a WIN. The emotional music running in the background keeps people on the edge of their seats.


This movie picks up a battle against flawed politicians. Such kind of plots is extremely common in the movie industry. So on that front, it does not offer much new to the audience. Along with that, it also raises a lot of important issues, which are definitely something to watch. In all, Karthavyam keeps people engaged in its storyline.

Overall, it is an awesome movie to watch. Take out your time and go watch this movie with your family. The issues raised and Nayanthara’s acting are all worth your time.


First Published on: 12:29 pm - 16, Mar 2018
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