The start of the last episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi was a little dramatic one as the boys’ team got into an agreement with the show host Rohit Shetty. Both the teams – Girls and Boys were competing with each other with the blame game keeping on with each passing task.

In the task in which Ritvik lost to Nia, the boys’ team continued to argue with Rohit blaming him that there’s some sought of partiality towards girl which turned into a heated argument. After this, Rohit threatens the participants to quit the show from hosting. The argument soon got resolved when Rohit Shetty showed the clippings from previous episodes and took everyone in confidence that no cheating or partiality can take place till the time he is on the show. Nevertheless, after 4 tasks, girls are leading with three points while boys are 1 point behind.

At the end of all the tasks, girls made it to the elimination zone. The captain of the girl’s team, Hina Khan was asked to choose the weakest performers of the team. And Monica and Geeta was picked up by her. The elimination task included to pick as many crabs as possible being locked up in a rolling box. Monika was the one to go in first and perform the task. No doubt she went in very confidently and wasn’t thrilled at all. But in the end, she broke down and thought that she had collected very few crabs in the process of not hurting them. Next, Geeta went in, and gave a superb performance, whilst being completely freaked out by the crabs.

At the end of the task, it was declared that Monica collected lesser number of crabs amongst the two and was eliminated from the show while Geeta qualified to the next week.

Collecting lesser number of crabs lead to Monica’s elimination. Do you also think Monica was a weak performer or was it because she broke down?

First Published on: 23:12 pm - 15, Aug 2017
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