Who doesn’t like glamorous looks? Yes, almost everyone gets attracted towards beautiful looks. And to increase the value of any video song or movie, magnetic personalities play an important role. In the Punjabi entertainment industry, many beautiful artists have established themselves with dedication and hard work. Here we have listed the top 10 Punjabi models, who have taken pollywood to a respectable level in today’s time.

Himanshi Khurana

top 10 punjabi models

Himanshi Khurana, a Punjabi girl, made her debut in the song “Jodi – Big Day Party.” With the passage of time, she stepped into movies sector and appeared in the Punjabi cinema, “Sadda Haq.” She gained an appreciation for her glamorous looks and liveliness of expressions, which gave her many chances in hit songs with famous stars. Some of the famous songs in which she has worked are Soch, Insomnia, Laden, Thokda Reha, Gabru, and Na Na Na Na, to name a few. Recently, she appeared in “Peg Di Waashna” song by Amrit Maan, and her Punjabi look received laurels from the audience.

Ginni Kapoor

top 10 punjabi models

Ginni Kapoor, also known as “Dimple Girl” came to limelight with Preet Harpal song “Black Suit.” The success of this song raised her value, and she was offered many opportunities after that. Some of her famous songs are Att Karti, House wife, Chautha yaar, Tere Bina, Bhabhi Thodi End Aa, Asla.  Her appearance in the song “Bhabhi Thodi End Aa” received a good response. Recently she was seen in “Khaas Gall,” in which she impressed everyone with her work.

Aman Hundal

top 10 punjabi models

Aman Hundal is another Punjabi model to join this list. She has mesmerized everyone with her performance in many famous songs such as Ghaint Jatti, Jatt Swa Lakh, Wakhra Swag, Munda Like Me, Kadar. Wakhra Swag song gained her the much-needed popularity in her career. Her latest song Jameen Jatt Di presented her in a completely different avatar, and the audience liked her in this Punjabi look.

Harjot Shergill

top 10 punjabi models

She made her debut with the hit song Banda Ban Ja, by Garry Sandhu. Over 10 million people viewed this video song on youtube, which gave her career a kickstart in the beginning. Then she was seen in another hit song Visa by Sharry Mann. Harjot Shergill’s Punjabi looks make her people’s favourite.

Rumman Ahmed

top 10 punjabi models

Rumman Ahmed impresses everyone with her cuteness in every song. She made her entry into the Punjabi music industry with the song “Hanju,” sung by Harf Cheema. Her beautiful face gained her popularity, and afterward, she was seen in many hit songs namely Dasi Na Mere Bare, Vaar Vaar, Afghan Da Samaan, Yaar Tod Gyi, and many more. In the popular song “Khaab,” her act as mute and deaf girl gained her the kind of stardom every female artist desires. This song was so touchy that it was viewed by over 116 million people and increased the brand value of Rumman Ahmed. She was recently seen in the song “Sohni” by Kamal Khera.

Jasleen Slaich

top 10 punjabi models

Jasleen Slaich came into the picture with the famous song “Lancer” by Jassi Gill in the year 2013. Because of her superb acting and beautiful look, she appeared in many hit Punjabi numbers. Some of the songs are Lovely vs. PU, Chattri, End Jatti, Nakhra Nawabi, Round, Armani, Dil Wali Gal, Pindaan Wale Jatt, Chandigarh, Bapu Zamindar, to name a few.

Vishakha Thakur

top 10 punjabi models

The “Suit Saat” song introduced another beautiful female artist named “Vishakha Thakur.” She is not only a very talented actor but also a skillful belly dancer. She forms part of many popular songs namely, Rooh, Sajjna Di Gall, Pehli Takni, Saanwaria and has contributed a lot to the Punjabi industry.

Rupali Sood

top 10 punjabi models

Rupali Sood is one of the most glamorous Punjabi models of today’s time. She has worked with many artists in their songs but came to notice with the song “Hornn Blow.” The song was sung by Hardy Sandhu, made her popular because of her stunning looks in the song. Rupali made her debut in the year 2016 with the song “Bhangra Music.” Some of her popular appearances are in the songs namely Bunty Bubbly, 7 Propose, Viah Toh Baad. Recently, she completed her shoot in the song Tere Do Speaker, which is doing well.

Oshin Brar

top 10 punjabi models

Oshin Brar is not only a famous name among Punjabi models but also an outstanding actress. She started her Punjabi entertainment career with the movie “Mukhtiar Chadha” opposite Diljit Dosanjh. “Main Deewani” was the first song with which Oshin started her career. After that, she got many opportunities in songs namely Kharku, Soohe Khat, Wajjde Wagge, Suit Gulabi, Beautiful, and 12 Machine. The “Kharku” song gave her the necessary momentum to succeed as an artist.

Ruhani Sharma

top 10 punjabi models

Ruhani Sharma, the Himachali girl, has worked with many skillful Punjabi artists namely Ammy Virk, Babbal Rai, and Ranjit Bawa in her career, which established her as a talented female artist. Some of the famous songs in which has worked the audience are Kudi Simple, Kudi Tu Pataka, Love India, Pyar, Zindagi, Date, Chammak Challo, Classroom, Chandigarh and many more. The cuteness on her face coupled with her glamorous looks makes her different from other Punjabi models.

So there were the top 10 punjabi models which forms part of the list. We will update the collection with new names of models. For more interesting posts like this, keep reading BOTY.

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