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76 7.6 10
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Release Date
5 April, 2002
17 crores
Box Office India
18 crores
Box Office Worldwide
34 crores
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Vijay Singh Rajput is a dedicated bank manager who has served Vilasrao Jefferson Bank, Mumbai for around 25 years. But due to his temperamental issues, he is stripped off his duties. Unable to digest this fact, he plans a robbery to avenge the bank. He locates 3 blind men and decides to train them for the robbery. To teach them, he gets Neha, a teacher for visually-impaired people, by kidnapping her little brother. Thus begins the training with Rajput in the background supervising the entire process silently. Upon completion of training, the crime is carried out. Will Rajput succeed in taking his revenge?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.2 crores
Saturday 1.17 crores
Sunday 1.26 crores
First Weekend 3.63 crores
First Week 6.67 crores
Second Week 3.77 crores
Third Week 2.51 crores
Lifetime India (net) 18 crores
Worldwide Gross 34 crores
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