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36 3.6 10
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Release Date
23 July, 2004
13 crores
Box Office India
3 crores
Box Office Worldwide
5 crores
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Adit Arya is a captain in Indian Army, who is sent on an undercover mission named 'ASAMBHAV' to Ticino, Switzerland to rescue the kidnapped Indian president and his daughter. Adit goes there as a journalist and meets a girl named Alisha in the flight. She is a singer and is going to perform with Sam Hams in Switzerland. People with whom she comes are drug smugglers. Now they help each other. Adit saves the president and Alisha is able to go back to India with him.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.62 crores
Saturday 0.47 crores
Sunday 0.58 crores
First Weekend 1.68 crores
Monday 0.25 crores
Tuesday 0.20 crores
First Week 2.46 crores
Second Week 0.42 crores
Third Week 0.14 crores
Lifetime India (net) 3 crores
Worldwide Gross 5 crores
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