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22 June, 1990
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Raja belongs to a poor family where his father is a miser and always dreams of getting his son married to a wealthy woman. Raja undergoes several encounters with Madhu in their college. Madhu belongs to a very wealthy and influential family. Not so happening encounters with Raja takes her to such an extent that she puts false charges on him for sexually molesting┬áher. Taking this as an opportunity, Raja’s father goes to Madhu’s house, duping as a wealthy businessman and proposes a marriage of their children. Luck favors him and an engagement of both is set up. Meanwhile at college, Raja takes Madhu to a secluded place forcefully, to make her realize what molestation is. Both end up falling in love and engagement is celebrated with lots of happiness. But joy does not last long when Madhu’s father exposes Raja’s father and calls off the engagement, publicly defaming him. This changes everyone’s life. Now what will happen of their children’s love story?

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