Bollywood is the most loved movie industry of Indians. And because of that, people get deeply attached to the celebrities. Everything that goes around their favorite actors and actresses interests people to no extent. And so, Bollywood marriages become an extravagant affair for the entire nation. Similarly, Bollywood divorces also shake the whole industry and all the people.

Affairs in Bollywood are extremely common ever since the start of this industry. People fall in and out of love very quickly. While these gossips can be mostly true or false, the marriages and divorces in Bollywood are definitely not rumors. These events take hold of the whole country deeply. Be it their marriage, attended by a large number of people, or their divorce, where the couple parts away breaking millions of hearts. All this has been part and parcel of Bollywood life since the start. But last few years have seen a large number of couples ending in divorce.

Despite many attempts, the couple just no longer wants to stay together, resulting in the popular Bollywood divorces. Now, these can be due to the extramarital affairs or their own personal differences, they shake entire nation nevertheless. Here, we bring you some of the most popular divorces in Bollywood that have disheartened their fans all over the world.

Hrithik Roshan – Sussanne Khan divorce

Popular Bollywood Divorces

Hrithik and Sussanne were one of the most cherished and looked upon couples. Hence, when they filed for divorce, their fans were badly hit. They had one of the amazing and dreamy love marriages and were in a relationship for 18 years in total. They got separated in 2014 and have been in a good friendly relation ever since. Together, they still go on vacations and trips and spend a perfect family time with their children.

Arbaaz Khan – Malaika Arora Divorce

Malaika and Arbaaz were one of the favorite couples of entire Bollywood industry and millions of their fans. People used to give examples of their marriage when talking about success and happiness. But when the news about their divorce started doing rounds, it came as a shocker for the entire country. And hence, their divorce became the most painful Bollywood divorces for millions of people. But despite parting ways, they are seen spending time on vacations and dinners together. Their son is a strong connection between the duo and they are ready to keep aside their differences for the happiness of their son.

Farhan Akhtar – Adhuna Divorce

Adhuna and Farhan parted ways after 15 years of their marriage. The popular actor-director-singer is very much successful in his professional life but failed to maintain the same rapport with his personal life. When they filed divorce, the entire industry was shocked. However, nothing much can be talked about the reason for their separation, since both have requested privacy from all ends.

Karan Singh Grover – Jennifer Winget Divorce

Karan Singh Grover is an extremely popular star due to his super hit youth TV serial, Dill Mill Gayye. And more than that, he is famous for his Casanova ways. The actor was previously married to Shraddha Nigam, during which he went into an affair with his choreographer Nicole. Hence, Shraddha and Karan divorced. After few years, he married his Dill Mill Gayye co-star, Jennifer Winget. Their on screen and off screen chemistry was loved by millions of fans, and hence they were the most dreamy couple of Bollywood. But when they decided to part ways, it became one of the most stunning Bollywood divorces in the industry. After his separation from Jennifer, Karan started dating Bipasha Basu and is now living happily in the marriage bond with the gorgeous actress.

Kishore Kumar – Yogita Bali Divorce

The extremely popular singer of Golden Era was not much successful with love in his personal life. Even though his songs screamed of love all around, he could not experience this beautiful feeling for long in his own life. Before he got married to Yogita Bali, he was married twice to Ruma and Madhubala. This was his 3rd marriage, which didn’t last long like the previous 2. Within 2 years of their marriage, the couple parted ways. Rumors are rife that Yogita Bali fell in love with Mithun Chakraborty. After their divorce, Kishore married 4th time to Leena Chandavarkar.

Anurag Kashyap – Kalki Koechlin Divorce

Anurag and Kalki started dating while they were shooting for Dev D in 2009. They later got married in 2011 but started feeling ups and downs in their relationship very soon. And after staying away for 2 years, they finally got divorced in 2015. Post the divorce, Anurag started dating Shubhra Shetty but has not tied knots with anybody ever since. Kalki, on the other hand, is focusing on her career and is pretty much single.

Karishma Kapoor – Sanjay Kapur Divorce

Karishma was earlier in a relationship with Abhishek Bachchan, which failed to materialize. After that, she found solace in Sanjay Kapur. Karishma and Sanjay had a love marriage just like many other celebrities. But still, their divorce came as the ugliest divorces in Bollywood. There were a lot of curses and accusations hurled upon each other ever since the divorce news started coming into existence. And soon, much to everybody’s relief, they got divorced. Karishma’s brother-in-law Saif Ali Khan acted as a mediator between the angry couple. Post the divorce, Sanjay Kapur got married again, while Karishma started dating Sandeep Toshnival.

Kamal Haasan – Sarika Divorce

Kamal Haasan and Sarika were one of the most favorite couples of the entire nation. Their love story started with a live-in relationship in the 80s, which jolted the entire nation since this trend was not at all common that time. They gave birth to 2 popular actresses of today – Shruti and Akshara Haasan. And after their birth, the couple got married happily. But this happiness was short lived and they divorced each other within 16 years of their togetherness. This was one of the most shocking Indian divorces the nation has ever seen. Before Sarika, Kamal was married to the popular South Indian dancer, Vani Ganapathy. And after Sarika, he got into relation with popular star, Gouthami. But none of his relations survived long.

Saif Ali Khan – Amrita Singh Divorce

Amrita was 12 years elder to Saif Ali Khan when they got married. Despite the age and religion differences, they were living happily together and gave birth to 2 children – Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan. But they soon filed for divorce, which was a huge affair for the nation. Later he got married to Kareen Kapoor who is 10 years younger than him.


Aamir Khan – Reena Dutta Divorce

The Mr. Perfectionist of today has also been through the rigorous divorce in his real life. He married Reena Dutta in 1986 and the couple gave birth to Ira and Junaid. After 15 years of their successful marriage, they got divorced, making it one of the most surprising Bollywood Divorces of the nation. What exactly was the reason for the split is not known, but the duo continues to remain good friends after their divorce. Aamir Khan later married to Kiran Rao and is living happily with her.

Sanjay Dutt – Rhea Pillai Divorce

Rhea Pillai was the 2nd wife of Sanjay Dutt, and they got married in 1999. During that time, the actor was going through tough times due to the Bombay blast case. And Rhea stood by his side through all his thick and thin. But due to his Casanova nature and Rhea’s closeness to famous Tennis player Leander Peas, they both parted ways within some years of their marriage. Post that, Sanjay Dutt got married to Manyata Dutt and is in a happy relationship ever since.

Manisha Koirala – Samrat Dahal Divorce

They both got married much to the surprise of everybody since there was no news of the couple dating before. Post few years, they started experiencing turbulence in their marriage which the Nepali beauty made evident through her social accounts. After 2 years, they both filed for a divorce, which again shook their fans. According to the reports and media, Manisha blames herself for their partition.


Himesh Reshammiya – Komal Divorce

The popular music director and singer, Himesh Reshammiya had a love marriage with Komal. But due to their personal differences and incompatibility, the couple mutually decided to part ways amicably. But despite their divorce, the couple is having friendly relations with each other and their families. Before getting divorced in 2017, they were together for 22 long years.

Ranvir Shorey – Konkana Sen Sharma Divorce

They both are 2 of the popular celebs of B-Town. They had a love marriage after spending 4 years of togetherness. And hence, their divorce became a wild news in the Bollywood. Due to the incompatibility, the couple decided to part ways after 5 years of their relationship. Even after being divorced, the couple continues to hold amicable relation just for their son.

Pulkit Samrat – Shweta Rohira Divorce

Shweta is the sister of Salman Khan. And so, when Pulkit and Shweta divorced, the whole Bollywood industry was shaken badly. They filed for divorce after just 1 year of their relationship. According to the sources, Pulkit’s closeness to his Sanam Re co-star Yami Gautam became the reason for their bad divorce. Shweta could not tolerate his ways of life and hurled lot of accusations on the actor.

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