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43 4.3 10
Total Votes: 45
Release Date
7 May, 1999
6 crores
Box Office India
10 crores
Box Office Worldwide
18 crores
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Surjit’s sister is in love with the younger brother of Thakur Gajendra Singh. When he comes to know of her pregnancy, he goes to Thakur’s house to ask for his younger brother’s hand in marriage. But Thakur humiliates him, makes him eat dog food (Surjit is a vegetarian), and makes him beg on his knees. When he fulfills all his wishes, Thakur tells him to go home and prepare for the wedding. The very next day, when the preparations were in full swing in Surjit’s house, Thakur goes there and kills Surjit and his wife. His last wish to his sister was to get his 2 sons get married to Thakur’s daughters, and make Thakur beg for the marriage alliance. So how his 2 sons fulfill Surjit’s dream, forms the rest of the story.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.59 crores
Saturday 0.49 crores
Sunday 0.61 crores
First Weekend 1.70 crores
Monday 0.42 crores
Tuesday 0.40 crores
First Week 3.14 crores
Second Week 2.06 crores
Third Week 1.25 crores
Lifetime India (net) 10 crores
Worldwide Gross 18 crores
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