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User Score
55 5.5 10
Total Votes: 22
Release Date
30 May, 2003
9 crores
Box Office India
4 crores
Box Office Worldwide
6 crores
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After being ship wrecked, Aditya lands on an island full of thumb sized people. They mistaken him for a cruel giant and try to attack him. After convincing them of his identity, Aditya helps them fight another giant named Jhamunda.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.32 crores
Saturday 0.34 crores
Sunday 0.36 crores
First Weekend 1.02 crores
First Week 1.8 crores
Second Week 1.1 crores
Third Week 0.43 crores
Lifetime India (net) 4 crores
Worldwide Gross 6 crores
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