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85 8.5 10
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Release Date
22 April, 2016
10 crores
Box Office India
2 crores
Box Office Worldwide
3 crores
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Rajesh, an ambitious youngster, looks up to a local notorious Don for life advice. Even after acknowledging the fact that the Don is into blood theft business, he continues to offer his support to him. In order to impress a girl named Poonam, he starts earning quick money by participating in Don’s illegal blood bank trade. Will he continue to do the business with the Don? What happens when Don decides to go his own way?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.35 crores
Saturday 0.38 crores
Sunday 0.47 crores
First Weekend 1.21 crores
Monday 0.17 crores
Tuesday 0.16 crores
First Week 1.84 crores
Second Week 0.08 crores
Third Week 0.01 crores
Lifetime India (net) 2 crores
Worldwide Gross 3 crores
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