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52 5.2 10
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Release Date
4 February, 2005
9 crores
Box Office India
6 crores
Box Office Worldwide
11 crores
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Author Shaukat Vashisht wins the booker prize for one of his writings. Thinking that he would bring them more money, his publishers are disappointed when his subsequent writings fail. Depressed to a large extent, he decides to write a story about a woman named Tamannah, based on the story of his wife, Antara. For this, he starts following her. It is then that he finds out, that his wife has a fellow admirer named Yash. Watch how his obsession with Tamannah blur his lines between reality and fantasy. Will he be able to get nominated for booker prize again?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.94 crores
Saturday 0.82 crores
Sunday 0.85 crores
First Weekend 2.61 crores
First Week 3.86 crores
Second Week 1.2 crores
Third Week 0.28 crores
Lifetime India (net) 6 crores
Worldwide Gross 11 crores
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