Sonam Kapoor‘s Latest flick, in which she portrays a young flight attendant Neerja Bhanot during a real life hijacking incident. The film had a phenomenal start at the box office, It stood out as a winner in its first week earning a little more than Rs. 35 cr and subsequently the second week followed with similar earnings, helping the movie cross the Rs. 60 cr mark with ease. With strongly positive reviews from both, the audience and the critics, Neerja has been the second biggest film of the year so far, right behind Akshay Kumar’s Airlift.

The movie took its first descent in the third week, it lost a bit a bit of momentum and audience yielded in to newer releases. Nonetheless, the movie still did an above average business. with a slight fall in each day’s collections, the movie slowly drifted down the collections. The film was able to beat colossal productions such as Student of the Year, Tamasha and Entertainment. Neerja holds positive tidings, as it seems that the the Indian audience have developed an appetite for a less generic and more realistic form of cinema, which promises better products in the future.

Neerja, in its fourth week, was still able to contain decent business scoring north of Rs. 3 cr, towards, perhaps, the end of its reign on cinema screens. The film captured a staggering collection of Rs. 71.15 cr by the end of its fourth week. These are the total collections of each week so far.

1st Week : Rs. 35.32 cr

2nd Week : Rs. 23.02 cr

3rd Week: Rs. 9.81 cr

4th Weekend: Rs. 3 cr

Total 4 Week collections : Rs. 71.15

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