Neha Kakkar along with Bilaal Saeed recently released a Brand new Punjabi Song ‘Suroor’. The song has been released only a few hours ago and it is gaining some popularity on YouTube. If it keeps going this way it will soon feature on the List of Top 50 Trending Indian Songs by BOTY Music.

Bilaal Saeed is another pop singer who is very well established and famous amongst Punjabi Music fans. His previous song Twinkle Twinkle with Young Desi crossed 10 Million views on Youtube on a very short span of time. And Neha Kakkar is surely one of the top rising stars of our music industry who has plenty of Hindi & Punjabi songs to her name. You can check out the list of Neha Kakkar songs here.

Suroor Song Music Video

In my honest opinion, the Music video is quite flat. There is nothing special about it. It could have been a lot more creative. But the directors decided to make a plain simple black & white music video where the 2 singers are seen singing their song in various poses. Simple and not fun to watch.

But let’s talk about the Music. The music is melodious and somewhat enjoyable. This is not their best work for sure. But its not the worst either. And in terms of technicality, the music quality is good and if you want to make your own music make sure to get your music gear from

We hope you enjoyed listening to this Music video. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. According to comments on YouTube people seem to be in love with Neha Kakkar as everybody is appreciating her voice and singing skills.

First Published on: 15:30 pm - 6, Nov 2017
Author: author image Rohit Tripathi
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