There was a clamour on social media yesterday when Big Boss contestant Bani J and hair stylist Sapna Bhavani’s video in a lip-lock was posted.

Bani had shared a video on Instagram when they duo were in a music festival. A boomerang video was posted where Bani and Sapn were seen kissing each other. The video was shared by Sapna which she captioned “You are my sunshine@banij.”

Bani clarified in one of the Facebook posts that it wasn’t a kiss but a snapshot of Boomerang which went viral. Sapna replied in the same post and said that she wished it were a kiss, however it was just a snapshot of a boomerang. When will India move forward, so much attention just for a kiss. More men and women should come out and kiss and show people that love doesn’t have a gender. “Kisses to all. Men and Women and the Transgender”, her post read.

Bani is believed to be dating television actor Yuvraj Thakur while Sapna Bhavani has been liberally voicing out about her being bisexual.

There are other boomerang videos of Sapna and Bani that have been floating on the internet.

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