This year the Bollywood industry has witnessed great loss while the veteran actor Om Puri’s death was really a very disappointed one that left the entire film industry in a deep mourn. He passed away early this year in January but his last film Mr. Kabadi was not completed till then which is been directed by his ex-wife Seema Kapoor.

Om Puri has offered voice over in that movie along with playing a vital role. And while the acting part was been completed the voice over was not completed yet. So, the director and producer first thought of approaching a mimic artiste to complete that leftover part but eventually, they realized that this can never be done by the mimic artiste as it requires some performance. So, they finally approached Satish Koushik who is a very close friend of Om Puri. Satish Koushik too is really glad to get this offer and he stated that he feels very honored to get this part. He also added that Om Puri is his closest friend and they have struggled together as actors and witnessed his growth over time.

Om Puri’s death is really a massive loss. We pray for his soul to rest in peace.

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