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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Khaab Lyrics are one of the most simple and beautiful lyrics, any recent Punjabi song has been come up with. Before I explain the meaning of Khaab Song Lyrics, let us understand the context in which the song is being played. Akhil is a college student, who is attracted towards a girl and tries every day to attract her through his music. He goes to a library where he performs the Khaab song with romantic lyrics and tune.

Main jadon tere khaab an wale raah tureya
Main turreya bada na maithon jawein mudeya
O jive rehnde panne nal panne judd de
Main ravaan tere nal ohna waangu judeya

Since I started walking on the path of your dreams and fantasies,
I Walked and Walked, But I couldn't turn back around.
The way pages of a book are connected together,
I am connected to you just like that.

Main likhda hunda si tere baare adiye
Jaa ke puchle gawah ne taare adiye
Jo karde mazak ohna hass lainde
Jo taane kassde ohna nu kass lainde

I write a lot about you,
go and ask the stars who are the witness,
Let the people laugh all they want,
And taunt all they want.

Dil tainu rehnda sadda chete karda
Kise hor te na maare tere te hi marda
Ban meri rani tera raja ban jaan
Tu hi ban mera ghar darwaza ban jaan

My heart beats for you,
and no one else.
Be my queen and I will be your King,
Be my house, and I will be the door. (Weird Metaphor)

O tainu vekh jaava tere val rudeya
Tu fool te main tahni wangu naal judeya

On seeing you, I get pulled towards you.
I am like a stem, and you are a flower.

Layi na tu mainu bahute laare adiye
Ni hor kitte rehjiye kunware adiye
Mere supne bade ne keh lainde
Na bhejj main dur nede reh lai de

Dear, Please do not mislead me,
I do not want to stay single anymore.
I have big dreams,
But please do not send me far away from you.

Ae pyar rahe pura na rahe thudeya
Main umraan tayi tere naal raha judeya

I hope our love is complete,
Because I want to grow old with you.

Aa kathe ho ke duniya bana laye
Rusiye te ta jhat hi mana laye
Choli teri khushiyaan naal bhar daunga
Supne aa wala tainu ghar daunga

Lets bring our worlds together,
and make up instantly if the other is sad.
I will fill your life with happiness,
and build the house of your dreams.

Ae fikke nahi laare eh sahchi gudde aa
Tere lai ae haath Rabb agge judeya

These Promises are not empty, but true.
For you, I will always join my hands in front of god.

Fun Facts

  • Khaab is a rare Punjabi song with such detailed and unqiue lyrics. The entire song is actually a Poem, performed like a song. It even follows a rhyming scheme.
  • After estbalishing hiself as a Romantic Singer after Khaab, Akhil launched his next song on Valentines Day 2018.
  • Inspite of being a Romantic and Slow song, this song is very popular in Discos.

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