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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Before we explain the lyrics and meaning of Patiala Peg song by Diljit Dosanjh, let us throw some light on the theme of the song. In this song, Diljit Dosanjh expresses to his ex that he still remembers her and lives according to his own rules. He used to drink a “patiala peg” to share his sorrows in the gathering of his friends.

Oh Tu Ta aakheya Hauna, Bhull Geya Hauna
Hor Kisse Te Dull Geya Hauna

you said I would have forgotten
May be I fell for another girl

Edda Nai Shukahala Shaddi Da
Haan, Patiala Peg Laa Shaddi Da
Patiala Peg Laa Shaddi Da

I don't give up so easily
Yes, I drink Patiala Peg
I have one patiala peg

Oh Table Uthey Baaja Dhar Ke
Yaar Beli Sab Kathey Kar Ke

after putting harmonuim on table
By calling all my friends together

Oh Dil Da Gubar Kadhi Da
Haan…Ni Gana Guna Ga Shadeeda
Haan, Patiala Peg Laa Chaddi Da

We Share all our sorrows from our heart
Haan...We just sing a song
Yes, I take a Patiala Peg

Oh Bari Barsi Khatan Geya Si ….Khat Laye Aib Churassi
Oh he went to the market and brought back 84 bad habits

Lai Hor Peg Paadey Sohneya
Give me more peg my friend

Ajj Tutten Ni Deni Glassi Oye
Lai Hor Peg Paadey Sohneya

today we will not let glass break
Give me more peg my friend

Jatt Ta Jeunda Satta Kha Ke
Ni Tu Ki Khatt Leya Yaar Bhula Ke

This Jatt live with his injuries
What did you achieve by forgetting your friend

Oh Shadd Detta Phuaada Naddi Da
"Baljeete" Kam Tha Shaddi Da

Since that day I stopped
even thinking about any girl including you

Fun Facts

  • This song became very popular among people of all age groups and played in marriages for a long time.
  • Patiala Peg song received a lot of reviews for its excellent composition and till date enjoys over 80 million views on youtube.

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