Tamil industry makes some of the best horror movies ever made anywhere. In fact, now Tamil movies have started to gain immense popularity around the globe in all kinds of genres. But there is a huge shortage of horror films. Out of every 100 movies, only 4-5 movies are scary. And even out of that, only 2-3 are good ghost movies.

Very few Bollywood horror movies or Kollywood horror movies are able to make the impact in a year. Most of the horror films do not get success at the box office because of their cliche content. The same old ghost following the actor and all of a sudden appearing behind the door. Because of all this, people have started fearing less and less.

Common track of most Tamil Ghost Movies

Usually in most of the horror movies, whether it is Tamil or Hindi, we see that the hero and heroine move into a new house. All of a sudden, the heroine starts witnessing the scary movements of somebody else in the house. The ghost then enters the heroine’s body and scares everybody. In sideways, another track of comedy and romance keeps going on. At the end, a priest is called to evict that ghost from the body. And in the event, the priest gets killed. But the heroine is saved.

Generally, this is a common track of most horror movies. But even after all this, some movies still manage to bring out that X-Factor required to raise one’s heartbeat to an extraordinary level. Very few movies manage to make something out of the box. And these films eventually find success at the box office.

Comedy Genre in Tamil Horror Movies

These days, it has become a trend to include the comedy element in any horror movie. Earlier, horror movies only had the spooky content. Every second, there was something or the other scary coming on the screen. But today the trend has changed. Directors believe that if there is no comedy element, then the movie would become cliche and will be rejected by the audience. So, some supporting actor is always a part of the movie, only to give it a light-hearted content.

But even we believe that comedy elements only make the movie even more interesting. There is no harm to have a light fun while other time your heartbeat is at its peak. Let’s have a look at which all movies also give you a good laugh amidst the horror sequences.

BOTY has prepared the best Tamil Horror Movies List for you, which can give you the required spooky feel. These movies are sorted by their score. We hope you enjoy the list. Just pick any movie, play it online and get that scary feeling in your heart.

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