Tubelight movie released this Friday, on an auspicious occasion of Eid. Even though a Salman Khan starrer film and released on Eid, it failed to gain enough popularity like his previous movie releases. Let’s see what leading critics have to say about the movie.

The leading movie reviewer Taran Adarsh calls this movie “disappointing”. According to him, this movie had a good star power and a lot of emotional content, but it lacked the soul to stand out. As he said, #Tubelight is body beautiful, minus soul.

Another popular reviewer Rajeev Masand says that the movie is extremely slow and boring in some areas for a 2 and a half hour content. The intentions of the movie were good but it was highly manipulative and pushes you to care.

Raja Sen of NDTV calls this possibly the worst performance of Salman Khan ever. The message delivered through the movie is admirable, but it becomes unbearable just because of the main lead.

According to Meena from Times of India, this movie is completely different from what Salman Khan had previously delivered till date. This movie is inclined towards innocence rather than showing off a flexed body. So the audience needs to be prepared for seeing a child-man.

Shubhra from Indian Express says that Salman Khan delivers a wonderful message: Love conquers all. He teaches us to love others even during a situation of war. The message is great, but the messenger is not. The effort put up by Salman Khan seemed constructed.

Overall, Salman Khan failed to give his best shot in the film. One can go watch this movie for a light fun, which is completely different from Salman Khan genres. So, if you are a fan of Salman Khan’s body and his taking off his shirt, you are in for a disappointment.

First Published on: 21:00 pm - 25, Jun 2017
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