Do you remember that horror movie 1920 that had an emotional love story? The same director Vikram Bhatt is coming with 1921 soon that is also a horror movie while the director has stated that this is not just a horror movie rather will go beyond that genre. This is also an emotional and romantic love story where the lead cast of the movie will try to deal with their horrible past and secret in order to make the present and future life secure.

This story will be based out of Britain and the shooting has already kicked off last month in Britain. Zareen Khan and Karan Kundra are the lead cast of 1921. Zareen Khan will be seen on the big screen after a long gap, so the Zareen’s fans get ready to see her in this horror movie soon.

Vikram Bhatt is an expert in making the horror movie as he has worked in project like Raaz series, 1920 franchise, Haunted 3D etc. However, according to him, this horror movie will be bit different the main purpose of which is not to scare the audiences rather to make them feel for the characters and to protect them.

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