After the huge success of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Baby’ its sequel Naam Shabana was expected to equally well. However compared to what its predecessor earned on the opening day ‘Naam Shabana’ was about half its collections. While ‘Baby’ had earned Rs. 9.3 crores on the first day ‘Naam Shabana’ closed with Rs. 4.5 crores on its opening day. The movie had received just a 15% occupancy but the evenings were better.

It is female centric movie and Taapsee Pannu is seen playing the role of Shabana Khan and how she becomes a secret agent after a disastrous day with her boyfriend, who dies in on their first date. Akshay Kumar, Danny Denzonpa and Anupam Kher are seen in special appearances who help Shabana in her training.

The critics have given a mixed review about the movie. Taapsee Pannu has been praised for her performance and her action scenes are commendable. Akshay Kumar’s role is appreciable too. The thrill and pace which the movie ‘Baby’ had lacks in ‘Naam Shabana’.

Even though the movie received an average collection the collections of ‘Naam Shabana’ are expected to boost in the weekend.

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