Wearing comfortable clothes to the airport doesn’t always work, especially when you are a celebrity and doing the promotions of your upcoming film. As Akshay Kumar rightly points out that airport fashion is an important part of the present world’s celebrity lives and one must work on it. As a celebrity, catching flights for shooting and sometimes for the promotion of films become an integral part of a celebrity’s life. Toliet- Ek Prem Katha star emphasized on the significance of staying fresh and calm. He also discussed how important it is to face one’s interviewers with confidence and always wear a smile on the face.

Bhumi Pednekar gave some wonderful piece of advice on attaining a size zero figure which is in much demand nowadays. She said that it’s not an easy task for an individual to maintain a size zero especially when one has to act in different films which demand a person in completely different looks for portraying the required roles. She added that those who are able to maintain size zero in such circumstances as well are complete slayers. She also said that first of all one needs to maintain a good diet, which consists of 70% of one’s work.  And the rest 30% bar should be focused on making one size zero.  She also didn’t forget to add that the process was not as easy as it sounded as it required a regular routine and firm determination.

Next thing talked by both the actors was nepotism which is a matter of great discussion in Bollywood nowadays. They pointed out that it’s not that convenient to bring one’s relative in the film industry as such things always remain the target of paparazzi. Undoubtedly, she accepted that it was a perk sometimes to have someone known in the industry, but that doesn’t always help. Both slashed the way Social media shows following of nepotism in Bollywood, as both consider it to be exaggerated.

First Published on: 13:15 pm - 14, Aug 2017
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